ALCo FA-1/FB-1 Released 

The ALCO FA was a family of B-B diesel locomotives designed to haul freight trains. The locomotives were built by a partnership of ALCO and GE in Schenectady, New York, between January 1946 and May 1959. They were of a cab unit design, and both cab-equipped lead (A unit) FA and cabless booster (B unit) FB models were built. A dual passenger-freight version, the FPA/FPB, was also offered. It was equipped with a steam generator for heating passenger cars.

Externally, the FA and FB models looked very similar to the ALCO PA models produced in the same period. Both the FA and PA models were styled by GE's Ray Patten. They shared many of the same characteristics both aesthetically and mechanically. It was the locomotive's mechanical qualities (the ALCO 244 V-12 prime mover) and newer locomotive models from both General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) and General Electric (the partnership with ALCO was dissolved in 1953) that ultimately led to the retirement of the locomotive model from revenue service. Several examples of FAs and FBs have been preserved in railroad museums, a few of them in operational status on such lines as the Grand Canyon Railway and the Napa Valley Wine Train.



It was the first so-called "second generation" EMD diesel locomotive, and was produced in response to increased competition by a new entrant, General Electric's U25B, which was released roughly at the same time as the GP30. The GP30 is easily recognizable due to its high profile and stepped cab roof, unique among American locomotives. A number are still in service today in original or rebuilt form. 

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12 liveries
Custom cab
 Custom sounds
 Custom physics
Extra custom controls in expert mode
 Repaint toolkit included
Cab windows can be opened
Cab doors can be opened
Visors can be moved

Liveries included:
Canadian National.
Canadian Pacific. (Also B unit)
Erie Lackawanna. (Also B unit)
Great Northern. (Also B unit)
Lehigh Valley. (Also B unit)
New Haven. (Also B unit)
New York Central. (Also B unit)
Penn Central. (Also B unit)
Pennsylvania. (Also B unit)
Rock Island. (Also B unit)
Soo Line.
Union Pacific. (Also B unit)

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